So Real It Doesnt Feel Like A Sports Simulator

The thrill of playing outdoor sports is not something all of us can experience in real life. Some of us are in situations where playing outdoor sports is an impossibility. Thankfully, we have technology that can bring these sports indoors. We can now experience what it feels like playing the gentlemans game of golf or some more rigorous sports like football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, or soccer. See full list here.

A sports simulator or multi-sports simulator is basically a high-end computer system that provides an indoor alternative to outdoor sports. It gives excellent entertainment for everybody by creating an atmosphere of interactive games that are immersive and realistic. You and your friends can play up to six or more different sports. It can be installed in homes, training centers, sporting event centers, malls, retail sporting goods stores, indoor sports centers, stadiums, and hotels to name a few.

A multi-sports simulator usually covers an area of 100 square feet to more than 200 square feet. It has state-of-the-art sensors and cameras that can determine an objects exact trajectory, speed, and direction. The impact resistant mesh screen can withstand a beating from real footballs or golf balls. The other important components of sports simulators are the projectors and interactive workstations.

Top-of-the-line multi-sports simulators use a set of high-speed vision cameras to take about 2000 pictures every second. A combination of leading edge optics, LED technology, and high performance CCD (charge-coupled device) chips is responsible for tracking objects from any location. Newer models have lighter frames and smaller cabinets, thus making them easier to move from one place to another. Six live-action sports can be played with virtual opponents. These multi-sports simulators come in a variety of dimensions and can be built to fit any area in your home or establishment.

What makes a multi-sports simulator an exciting form of indoor entertainment is the use of real equipment such as balls, baseball bats, hockey sticks, and golf clubs. The use of real equipment is also perfect for serious athletes who want to train indoors. Sports simulators are also now being used in commercial facilities. Installing a coin-operated system makes the sports simulator capable of generating revenue, hence making it a must for business owners who are in need of additional income.

You can customize your sports simulator in any area of your home or establishment with unlimited possibilities. Another simulator technology can be integrated into your sports simulator to add more games or sports such as cycling, racing, shooting, and even the necessary hardware for a home theatre system. The multi-media screen can be used for important events such as birthdays and weddings, cocktail parties, movies, sporting events, video games, presentations, or brand promotion. Another good thing about sport simulators is that they require minimal maintenance once theyre installed.

More than just giving you a realistic experience of outdoor sports, a multi-sports simulator is an all-in-one product for indoor entertainment and additional revenue. You just have to use your creativity to unleash the full potential of the sports simulator.